The Value of Using Venue Management Software

Tracking inventory effectively is the best way to set up every event to be a success. Whether you are the DJ, the caterer, or the event venue manager, your clients will expect you to be able to provide everything needed. In all of the chaos that comes on the day of the event, you need to know you have exactly what you need when you reach for it. By tracking your inventory, you can prevent frustrating moments from clouding the celebration when a microphone or prep-table is double-booked. Releventful's Event Inventory Management platform was created to help industry processions forecast their needs, without Excel sheets and paper lists, but it all starts with visualization.


The Value of Using Venue Management Software

For your guests, the perfect venue is a space that allows everyone in a party to come together, whether it's for a business conference, a wedding, or a Christmas party. Each event hinges on all of the guests being together at the same time and having a seamless experience like no other. As an Event Venue Manager, your challenge is to provide everything your clients need for a successful gathering: infrastructure, supplies, staff, vendors, the works!

While you present your clients with a one-stop-shop for food, entertainment, and decor; planning all of these elements within your own team presents a challenge that often looks like a frenzy. Releventful's Event Management software is designed for businesses in the event industry to streamline efforts in team management, communication, and professional client experiences.

Challenge 1 – Team & Vendor Management

The larger the team , the more complicated it gets to keep everyone in order. That's simple. With Releventful's platform, so is tracking and managing your team and vendors. The lists and schedules you're tracking with Word documents get their own attention in our Event Employee Scheduling System, including functions for:

  • Unification: Bring bridal coordinators, caterers, event staff, bakers, and other vendors all under one roof.
  • Employee Schedule Checker: Request work hours, track actual hours, plan and approve time off, all in one place.
  • Recording Actual Work Hours: Instead of guessing or estimating work hours based on the schedule, employees track their actual hours in the app.
  • Estimate Employee Cost: In anticipation of an event, build a plan for the necessary team, including the hourly wages so you know how much staffing will cost.
  • Employee Schedule Reports: Send automated reports to employees displaying their upcoming schedule, and generate a master report to show the schedule for the entire team.
  • Automatic Schedule Updates: Message employees with notifications of schedule changes.

Challenge 2 – Communication

Staying in touch with a diverse team of staff, vendors, clients, and miscellaneous business contacts is a constant battle for any business owner. Your business software needs to address challenges for team communication and provide solutions that prevent miscommunications or missed information.

Making a mobile app for the Revelentful Event Management Software was a logical step so that your team has all of their information at their fingertips. Along with all the ways to stay on top of scheduling, you can message employees, update tasks for upcoming events and coordinate with vendors. For client communication, you don't even need to switch apps or devices!

Challenge 3 – Client Experience

Releventful's software presents a professional and streamlined client experience throughout the platform and the mobile app. From uncomplicated invoicing to playlist song selection, your clients will be impressed at the breadth of options for communication, making it truly a custom experience for them. Stand out in the crowd, by elevating the event experience from beginning to end:

  • All of your event details are organized and displayed for your client to review.
  • Set automated reminders for tasks and events so your team is always up to date.
  • Use sales automations to create email campaigns to make sure you capture every potential lead and book every event.
  • Create surveys, forms, lists, and questionnaires to be sent out during the planning process so your clients have control of their event.
  • Schedule when you'd like to send your client emails as a part of the day-to-day planning of their event.

While your clients are focusing on bringing their guests together for an event, Releventful's Event Management Software helps you organize the rest. Reach out to our team today for a free demonstration to see how our platform and mobile app fit seamlessly in your workflow so you can start to use it effectively from day one!

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