Harness the Power of Your Team.

Bringing scheduling & time-off management together in the same powerful platform as the rest of your business.


One Plan - Unlimited Employees

  • One cost-effective plan to schedule ALL of your employees
  • Each scheduling employee can also be granted read-only access to view details in the event portal

Automatic Scheduling Reminders

  • Your employees are automatically reminded of their schedule and can even accept or decline straight from the scheduling request
  • When any details change about the event or their schedule, they are automatically notified

Time-off Management &
Scheduling Conflict Indicators

  • Time-off requests are integrated with the calendar
  • You'll receive time-off requests from your employees and we'll let you know when there are scheduling conflicts

Scheduling Just Got a Lot Easier

Employee Schedule Checker

Our employee scheduling reports give you insight into who's working, who's worked, and all the details in between.

Employee Schedule Reports

Subscribe to a weekly schedule email to know when you're working. If you happen to be the one in charge, get a weekly email of everyone who's working instead.

Automated Schedule Update Emails

Simply schedule your employee and we'll keep them updated with any date/time or detail changes.

Estimated Employee Cost

Configure your businesses' employee roles and hourly rates and we'll give you an estimated employee cost for the event so you can better predict labor costs.

Request Actual Working Hours

Tired of having to follow up with your employees to see what hours they actually worked? Allow employees to record their actual working hours after their shift in the scheduling request.

Everything You Need Manage Your Team

  • Task Assignment
    Automatically assign tasks for your employees to complete to ensure everything gets done
  • Roles & Access Levels
    Grant up-to 7 different levels of access for each employee
  • Collaboration Support
    Employee collaboration support to allow employees to view other employees schedule
  • One Unified Business Platform
    Releventful enables you to schedule emails to your team, schedule your employees, and coordinate your event tasks all in one place