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Events are not projects. It's time to ditch the project manager.

Your business tools should be built around your industry, not a generic CRM that doesn't understand the specific ins and outs of all you do. Traditional CRMs require you to add multiple projects to a single contact to bring an event to life - but it's time you reduce the redundancy with a tool that was designed to manage all aspects of an event — including the sales process — in one place!

With Releventful's CRM, events are a breeze. Bring the sales process to life with easy access to:

  • Generate reports including sales, payments, and open tasks
  • View & communicate with customers and vendors (emails and SMS)
  • Manage inventory
  • Review the all-important business calendar
  • Set staffing schedules
  • Send proposals & contracts
  • Integrate with common vendors such as QuickBooks, Zapier, Google, Apple & Outlook
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The Tools You Need To Grow Your Business

Lead Web Form Builder

Build a custom lead form that matches your branding and embed it directly onto your website or get a direct link to email it out.

Quick Close Invoicing

Releventful's Quick Close invoicing enables you to book events and get paid faster.

Lead Documents

We've added a spot for you to keep documents for a lead so you can reference them whenever you need to.

Calendar Appointments

Book phone conversations, reserve a date, or schedule meetings for each of your leads.

Record Sales Activity

Record emails, texts, phone converstions, or create a reminder to yourself of those important To-Do list items for your leads.

Full Suite of Business Reports

Our sales report suite enables you to gain insight with visual and itemized reports to know what's selling, the status of your sales staff & much more.


Manage Your Lead Pipeline

Quickly know the status of your leads and make better decisions to book more events. With Releventful's CRM, event management has never been easier.

Lead Insights

Gain key insights into your lead activity to know whether or not they have viewed your proposal or opened an email.

Email Campaigns

Automate the email follow up with your leads. Our fully integrated campaigns save you time and drive consistency in your sales process ‐ it's like adding an additional employee to your team.


Know Your Business With Team Sales Reporting

All the tools you need to know more about your sales team.

  • Sales rep report breaks down the sales by team member to show you their progress and overall sales totals as compared to their peers
  • Individual team member report details your employees' sales totals month over month
  • Company wide pipeline & projection reports
  • Lead status management
  • Review open contracts


We do not have any limits on the number of leads you can enter into Releventful.
Our lead form is made to work on all of the latest and greatest website builder platforms including, but not limited to, Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly.
Yes! You can create as many lead forms as you need for your sales.
From the initial contact with your lead through the booking process, the sales CRM is seamlessly integrated into the events.

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