Business Communication Tools Designed For The Event Industry

Talk is cheap, but never missing an event detail will be priceless for your business.

Impress Your Client & Stop Confusion

At Releventful we've developed a single platform that powers business owners, team members and clients with the tools they need to get the job done. Put an end to disjointed communications and disconnected channels. Improve your ability to respond quicker to your client and reduce communication errors along the way. With Releventful, we bring all aspects of communication into the same tool your're using to manage tasks, run payments, set playlists and more. Imagine a world where you can open an upcoming event and see all emails, text messages, open tasks, schedules, invoices without needing five different screens and three different devices.

Communicate with both team members and clients seamlessly so that you never have to worry about missing a beat again. Appear professional, organized, and on top of your game - your clients and your staff will thank you!

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Business Communication Simplified

Internal & External Communications
Email. SMS. Documents. Images.

Powerful Email Platform

  • Unlimited Email Messages
    No limits on the number of messages you can send or receive.
  • Read Receipts
    Read receipts to ensure that the recipients have received and read your message.
  • Event Contacts
    Send messages to everyone on your event or hand select recipients.
  • Powerful Editor
    Use our editor to create branded & professional emails.
  • Email Syncing
    View and respond to messages directly from your inbox.
  • Never Lose Event Details
    All messages are kept and recorded in the client portal.

Full Service SMS

Texting can be used for sales campaigns, payment reminders, invoice follow-ups, staffing updates and more - all with budget friendly plans so you only pay for what you need. Plus built-in email roll-over for peace of mind.

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Not Just for Your Client - Invite 3rd Parties To the Party

You or your client can add other vendors or contacts to the event to be a part of the details and communication. Loop in crazy Uncle Eddie or the officiant your client has hired for their big day. No matter the role they are playing, their settings can be customized to keep everyone in the loop and keep details clear.


Business Tools for Management & Growth

  • Business Insight Technology
    Give your management team access to view all business communication. Create the team you've always wanted with greater visibility into your business.
  • Zero Friction Staffing Transitions
    Transition your staff on and off of events seamlessly with ZERO loss and ZERO impact to your client.
  • Event Contacts
    Send messages to everyone on your event or hand select recipients.
  • Reusable Email Templates
    Create custom branded emails templates with our powerful email editor.

Full Suite For Success

This is just the beginning of what you can do with Releventful

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