The Power to Close Deals Quicker

Get leads. Make the Pitch. Close the Deal. Manage the Event.


Step 1. Build Your Pipeline - Get leads

Your automated pipeline begins with building out your website lead form in our event marketing platform. Design a custom lead form that matches your branding and embed it directly onto your website or get a direct link to email it out. When potential customers request more information or find you online this will push them directly into your sales funnel without you needing to lift a finger.

Step 2. Nurture Your Pipeline & Make the Pitch

Automatically follow up with lead inquiries using our event software for marketing automations so that you can save time pitching only the most qualified leads.

  • Create Automated Email & SMS Campaigns - Our fully integrated email campaigns save you time and drive consistency in your sales process it's like adding an additional employee to your team. With Releventful, you can consolidate multiple event marketing platforms into one.
  • Learn more about our fully-integrated SMS solution
  • Manage Your Lead Pipeline - Quickly know the status of your leads and make better decisions to book more events.
  • Lead Insights - Gain key insights into your lead activity to know whether or not they have viewed your proposal or opened an email.

Step 3. Close The Deal

After you've made your pitch, close the deal with Releventful's Quick Close invoicing. Enabling you to send the proposal to your client, have them sign the contract, and get paid all in one seamless step.

Learn more about Releventful's Quick Close Invoicing

Step 4: Manage the Event

Once the deal is closed, Releventful' event marketing solution give you all the tools you need to manage your client, their team, your team and the Event!

  • Client Portal - Give your clients one seamless experience with access to their invoice, contract, documents, messages, To-Dos, and timeline. Everything all in one place.
  • Business Reporting - Gain new insights into your business with over 20 customizable reports.
  • Business Reporting - More than just a scheduler for your business, our calendar is fully linked to every event, potential client, meeting, and employee schedule.

Full Suite For Success

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