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Business Automations to Save You Time and Money

If the software you use to power your business isn't working for you (literally), you are wasting time and resources on repetitive tasks that could be happening seamlessly behind the scenes. With Releventful, getting started with business automations are easier than you think - and when structured correctly positions you to scale to new heights. From message sequencing, task reminders, payment schedules and more, our team is here with you during your initial onboarding to help figure out which automation are right for you and what's needed to get them in place.


Everything You Need
Sales. Clients. Day-To-Day.

Save Time with Sales

  • Sales Inquiry Follow-Up
    Use sales automations to create email campaigns to make sure you capture every potential lead and book every event.
  • Email & SMS Campaigns
    Use automations for sales to ensure that all lead inquiries are responded to quickly and correctly.
  • Payment Schedules
    Set up automated percentage or flat rate payment schedules to automatically be applied to your invoices along with automatic payment email or SMS reminders.

Client Follow-Up Simplified

  • Client Event Email Automations
    Schedule when you would like to send your client emails as a part of the day-to-day planning of their event.
  • Client Task Assignment & Follow-Up
    Create electronic planning forms, lists, and questionnaires to be sent out along with the planning process.

Help with Day-To-Day Tasks

  • Mirror the Way You Do Business
    Our customizable automations fit your business workflow. It's like hiring an additional employee to do all of your admin work.
  • Employee Email Automations
    Automatically email your employees & set-up reminders for them.
  • In-House Tasks & Reminders
    Create in-house tasks/reminders for your team to keep your team organized.

Everything You Need

Create Once - Reuse Forever

You can use a template you have created and saved over and over or design a single use automation.

Tokenize for Fewer Mistakes & Less Busywork

Utilize tokens to auto-fill important details like names, dates, addresses and over 50+ items which means less work for you.

Make It Your Own

Schedule automations to go out on their own or only after you've approved it.

Don't Forget!

Send reminders before due dates so that tasks and payments are never missed.

Your Business, Your Brand

Branded and designed to match the look and feel of your business.

Easy Reference

All automations and sent message are kept in your client's portal for easy referencing anytime you or they need.

Smart-Send Technology

Send automations based on dates, event status, and more.


Automations help cut down on the number of manual tasks you have to do each day. Things like, sending an email, typing up a that response that you always give, reminding someone to pay, requesting your client to fill out a form, etc. Automating all of these little things add up to giving you back potentially hours each day.
No, they're not hard to create. The hardest part is deciding the best and most effective way to run your business. Need help with that? Our team of experts can help you get your business humming. Book a demo to start the conversation.
Some examples of the automations you can create are
  • Set up automatic email replies to a website inquiry
  • Set up an email campaign to a new lead
  • Set up an automatic email conversation with your client or employees
  • Assign to your client or employee a form to be filled out
  • Automatically add a payment schedule to your invoice
Your client won't know the difference. With the use of our tokens, you can add a personal touch to each email by adding specific information just for that client.
Every businesses will have a workflow all of their own. We've created our automations to be flexible to accomodate the way you run your business. We love to be a part of your journey and to help get your business humming. Book a demo to start the conversation.
Yes, absolutely. You can automatically create your event team, assign tasks and schedule email reminders.
Yes, you can choose to run only certain automations for a specific types of events.

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