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Event Management Software For Caterers

Let's Make This a Meal They'll Never Forget

Be remembered not only for the food you serve, but for the experience you give. We are the recipe for your success. Imagine a single platform that can manage not only your agreement with the customer but also coordinators, vendors, venues, even your own team. With the right tools in place you can start growing your catering business today!

Look no further - we are the solution to drive your business forward.
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Automate Your Business - Online Bookings & Fast Payments

Your customers live in a digital world, it's time your business process did too.

  • Have your client review your proposal, sign the contract and pay, all from the convenience of their phone.
  • Easily create a shopping-cart-like experience in your initial proposal for your customers to select the option that best meets their needs and budget.
  • We offer an array of invoicing options, including the traditional BEO where you can build an à la carte menu in no time.
    You can even add a photo gallery directly to your invoice to visualize what you're selling without being on-site.
  • With our industry-leading partnerships, you can ensure compliance with the latest regulation and security requirements and sleep easy knowing that your business is protected.
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Team Management &
Employee Scheduling

  • Built-in employee scheduling tools
  • Time-off request management w/approvals
  • Automated email change reminders so your staff always stay in the loop
  • Estimated event employee cost reports based on their pay rates
  • Printable employee scheduling reports
  • Scheduling conflict indicators
  • Employee task assignments w/automatic reminders
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Communication & Collaboration Made Easy

Planning & collaboration for your events is key to your success. We've put together a solution that brings all parties involved together so you can access and share event timelines, planning forms, documents, and even your emails in one branded portal.

  • Start responding to clients quicker than you thought possible & reduce communication errors along the way
  • Track read receipts to ensure that the recipients have received and read your message
  • Ensure that the customer and vendors are all on the same page, 100% of the time!
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Full Suite For Success

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We're Here For You - It's a Partnership, Not a Contract

We're with you every step of the way and are here to help you on your journey. We are passionate about your success and have everything you need.

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