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Texting is the new email

The number one struggle we hear from event businesses across all industries is that there has to be a better way to communicate with customers who don't take phone calls and think of email the way many of us remember 8 tracks. Releventful's SMS for event management enables you to reach more of your customers. Texting can be used for sales campaigns, payment reminders, invoice follow-ups, staffing updates and more - all with budget friendly plans so you only pay for what you need.

Look no further - we are the solution to drive your business forward with SMS for events.


Over 98% of All Text Messages Sent Are Read

Are Your Business Communications Standing Out In the Crowd?

SMS Sales Campaigns

SMS Two Way Messaging

SMS Invoice & Payment Reminders

SMS Employee Scheduling Notifications

Efficient. Effective. Pain-Free Communications.

Our text messaging for event management excels at helping businesses close important milestones with their customers in the medium that their customers prefer to communicate with. Texting can get expensive though, which is why many business shy away from it. By housing ALL communications (email & SMS) within the platform you no longer have to worry if you've reached your send limit for the month, as we've built in an automatic failover that will switch your message to an email format when you've run out of SMS messages. This means you never have to worry about unexpected bills or a poor user experience with loss in communication. Also - all messages our housed in a single platform so if you need to dispute a transaction or reconfirm changes to an seating chart - everything is in one place.

Memorable Events Start With Simplified Communication

Our innovative approach to SMS event marketing is what sets us apart and will make all the difference for your success. Whether you need to communicate with just your client or have dozens of involved parties and vendors - Releventful ensures that nothing falls through the cracks and every detail is accounted for. Boost response times, keep track of event details, easily share documents and most importantly - impress your client. When you integrate SMS for event marketing you are one step closer to effortless business management - and who doesn't want that?

What's Included

Managing your business has never been simpler. Bundle SMS with your plan to bring all of your sales SMS messaging into one single platform for your business.

Feature Included
1 Toll-Free Number
Automated SMS Sales Campaigns
Your one-stop-shop for all of your business communication.
Two-Way SMS communication
Proposal, Invoice, and Contract Share SMS Notifications
SMS Payment Reminder Notifications
Automatic Employee Scheduling SMS Notifications (Professional Plan)
SMS Usage Dashboard
Zero Overage Charges
If you go over your SMS messages for your plan, our business communication platform ensures your client is always notified - at no additional cost.
No Gimmick Pricing
Carrier Fees are included with all of our plans.

High Volume Texting Supported

We support high-volume SMS Short Codes, additional toll-free numbers and a wide range of SMS plans, all the way up to 25,000 SMS messages per month.

Releventful has streamlined our processes tremendously. All bridal coordinators, vendors, caterers, even sales people — everyone is in one place and that's really made things efficient with less mistakes on our end.

Full Suite For Success

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