Event Inventory Management Software

Manage your event inventory with ease.

Your Digital Stock Room

Visualize your inventory

Know Your Inventory

With event equipment management reports, you will know what's available and what is not as you prepare for your events. Feel confident that your business is ready with effective event inventory management.

Future forecasting

What's your inventory 1 week, 2 weeks, or a month from now? Releventful's powerful inventory reporting allows you to see into the future of your business so you can prepare for it.

Integrated Event Detail Reports

Your scheduled employees will automatically have access to the detail report which includes a list of all inventory for the event.
Learn more about our Employee Scheduling Add-On.

Import Ready

Upload your .xls or .xlsx inventory spreadsheet to get up and running quickly.

Simple Set up and Management


Managing your inventory should be easy

Digital management of your inventory should come with some amazing features. Our event inventory software will apply your inventory as you're creating your client invoice.


Adjustments are expected

We know things change on the fly - that's why we've made it easy for you to adjust your inventory for each event as you need to.


Inventory Suggest Technology

With our proprietary tagging system, Releventful will automatically suggest replacement inventory when you're out of a particular item.


Smart Fields

Never forget where you bought your inventory again. With our smart fields, you can easily find important details about your inventory like the model #, serial #, purchase price, depreciated value, and the link to where you can buy more.


Absolutely, yes. The QR code image can be added directly to the inventory and scanned on the print out.
There are no limits to the amount of inventory you can add.
You're notified as you are making changes to the customers invoice. Our inventory suggest technology will automatically suggest alternative inventory to you so you can decide what changes need to be made.
We have over a dozen data points that you can store about your inventory including whether or not the item is out of service and a link to order more. If the item is out of service it will be removed from your active inventory automatically.