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The Releventful client-vendor portal was created to manage the complexities of the event industry by bringing every stakeholder in an event - directly alongside all the necessary event assets like timelines, forms, contracts, emails, text messages and more. Imagine a single platform that can manage not only your agreement with the customer and timeline of events, but also bridal coordinators, vendors, caterers, even event staff & sales people. When you bring all elements of an event into a single portal - you're empowering your team to create positive memories for your clients, that will last a lifetime. Let us show you what your business could be - book a demo below to see our client portal firsthand. After all, seeing is believing.

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Welcome Home

The details are at the heart of any amazing event and our client portal is your client and teams' access to all communication, documents, payments, to-dos, and more. A single platform that keeps all of the following assets in a single location - providing transparency and unparalleled organization for your team and your clients.

Pay & E-Sign

  • View the signed invoice and contract and all payments made on the event
  • Customers can pay requested payments.


  • Create branded electronic forms using our templates or on your own to help your client stay on task with the event details
  • Add reminders for payments, appointments, tasks, and deadlines
  • Automate as many to-dos as you like - set it once and let Releventful do all the work
  • You client will feel informed and in-the-know of everything you need from them and when


  • Viewable by everyone on the event
  • Quick and easy to create
  • Branded for your business
  • Download as PDF


  • We include free unlimited document storage in all of your events
  • Attach and share images, forms, and documents with your client, your team, or other vendors. You decide who gets to see what.
  • Keep everything in one place so nothing is missed


  • You can add an unlimited number of contacts to each event like clients, vendors, employees - keeping everyone in the loop
  • Once you add a contact to the contact book we will keep a record so that over time your contact book will grow, allowing you to more easily add vendors to new events without having to retype information
  • Send messages to everyone on an event or just one - you decide who needs to know


  • Keep track of all event communication in the portal so that no detail or conversation is missed
  • Editing features like spellcheck and include texts, fonts, and images in the messages
  • Create scheduled messages to send automatically
  • Keep drafts of messages you are working on
  • Read receipts from the last message sent to ensure that the recipient was able to view your email
  • Can be sent in the portal or via another mail source like Gmail, but all messages will be saved and stored in the portal
  • Clients will receive emails on their phone
Releventful has been an invaluable tool for OnPoint Entertainment. Having a one-stop shop for customer inquiries, booking, tracking, communication and planning has helped close more leads. The web interface is very user friendly for both us and the clients we work with. Lastly, the tool continues to get better as the Releventful team takes feedback and suggestions and incorporates them into the tool. I highly recommend it.

Releventful was designed specifically for event professionals. We got our start in the event industry and witnessed firsthand all of the challenges that event planners face. We decided to take matters into our own hands and created a product that addresses all of these issues after becoming frustrated with overpriced and difficult-to-use software. Events are complex and don't operate in a linear fashion. It's time you stopped running your business on project management software that just doesn't quite meet your needs. It's time you experienced Releventful - your clients will thank you later.

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