Finally A Business Calendar Designed For Event Management AND Your Day to Day

Plan, Organize & Manage Your Entire Business

More Than Just a Shared Calendar

We've created more than just a scheduler for your business! Our event management calendar is fully linked to every event, potential client, meeting, and employee schedule. Our calendar event software is complete with easy-to-read color coding for all you type A personalities out there — we're taking organization to the next level. Easily view all your events for the month at a bird's eye view or drill down into the daily tasks assigned to a team member. The possibilities are truly endless.

Integrate with your sales pipeline and start churning out the best of business reporting or dive deeper into the details of an event without having to switch over to the event planner. We take integration seriously and are on a mission to help the event industry run their businesses more efficiently with tools that streamline your entire business. The minutes you save each day by using a fully integrated business calendar could be what makes or breaks your next event.

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Calendar Integrations

With our event calendar management software you can view all of your events from the convenience of your Google, Apple, or Outlook calendars.

Date Check Utilities

Our event calendar tool comes with date checkers to check availability for a date or who's scheduled to work.

Day, Week, Month,
& List Views

We have all of the views you need to manage your business.

One Unified Calendar

Releventful's powerful business calendar gives you all event, sales, and staff details in one place.

Everything You Need

Events. Sales. Teams.

For Events

  • Event Views
    Customize your calendar how you would like it to be. Easily customize what displays on the calendar to view exactly what you need to see.
  • Color Coded Events
    See the status of all of your events at a glance with color-coded events.
  • Quick Access Links
    Get to all details of your event, right from the calendar.

For Sales

  • Sales Appointments
    Sales appointments, date holds, scheduled phone calls or any other business related appointment can be added directly to the master calendar so you can keep track of your entire business.
  • Appointment Calendar View
    Quickly check on the appointments for the day, week, or month as you plan ahead.
  • Sales Event Filters
    Get a feel for what dates you still have available or only view your booked events with the click of a button.

For Your Team

  • Employee Scheduling Resource View
    Quickly and easily view who's scheduled for your events with the employee scheduling resource view.
  • Employee Time Off
    View & manage employee time off at a glance with our time off calendar.
  • Built for Teams
    Send messages to everyone on your event or hand select recipients.

Boost Productivity & Never Miss a Deadline Again

Every detail of our shared calendar has been designed to boost productivity across your business and decrease downtime between tasks. Stop wasting time searching for time off requests and event schedules when everything can be brought together in one place. Your employees and your clients will thank you - you're setting yourself up to never miss a deadline again. It really doesn't get better than that. Give us a call today to see our platform in action!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can create custom colors for your events based on the status of the event. In the calendar & in the reports you will see the color display for that event to easily identify the status of the event.
Absolutely, yes. We generate a unique calendar link that you can use to view your Releventful events into your Google, Apple, or Outlook calendar.
Yes, you can! You can view & manage your calendar on your phone or any device of choice.
We have a built in search for you to quickly and easily find the events you're looking for.
You can grant them permission to view all events or only the events they are assigned to. The power is in your hands.

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