Effective SMS Marketing Strategies For Event Businesses

In the events industry, being accessible to your clients is essential. These days, it's not difficult to stay connected. Between social media, websites, email and SMS, there are any number of ways that your clients can contact you. It is obvious, though, that most potential clients will prefer the convenience and speed of SMS texts. While they are still in the planning stage for their event, a potential client is full of questions and keeping them engaged is key to getting a signature on the dotted line. So how do you keep the conversation going toward a signed contract? Here are 4 tips that we've observed clinch the deal when communicating with a potential client via SMS:

  • Be prompt – While you are still in the early stages of communication, the client is learning about how you operate. With SMS messaging, speedy responses make all the difference in demonstrating that you are accessible and will respond quickly. The client will want to book with you so that they can maintain that level of attention all the way until their actual event.
  • Anticipate the next question – Between you and the client, you definitely have more experience in the events industry! Some potential clients don't even know the right questions to ask. While they are still in the planning stage, offer the benefit of your experience to help them gather the information they need. If you are offering a wealth of knowledge compared to another vendor, the client will choose to sign a contract with you.
  • Send them home – Sometimes the best way to answer a client's question is to point them to your website, where you have all of your information. After all, you put a lot of hard work into your website! If you are engaged in a back-and-forth with a client, guiding them to your page might give them a better visual representation of the services you provide, and it saves you the time of typing out the same information in a text message.
  • Give a nudge – Occasionally, even if you respond promptly and provide ample information, a potential client will go silent in the SMS exchange. This is not unusual, though it is very frustrating. Keep in mind that people often lose track of responding to text messages. If you draft a gentle reminder that prompts them where your conversation previously left off, you may be able to restart their interest.

With SMS marketing, there is a fine line between being eager and accessible versus relentless and annoying. At Releventful, our team will help you navigate the pitfalls of client communications to make sure your business reaches its full potential. Book a demo with our team today!

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