Event Management Software vs. Project Management Software: What's the Difference?

There is nothing like working in the events industry. It is the job equivalent of the person spinning plates in a talent show because there are SO many things going on all at the same time. Managing the chaos can be made much easier with the right software. While you are looking for the option that is right for you, you will notice there is Event Management software or Project Management software. The differences can be subtle, but planning an event is very different to planning a project, and the software reflects that difference.

  • Project management is temporary because it only lasts as long as the project itself, while event management is an ongoing process of many events over time.
  • Project management is broken down into the activities that make up the project, while event management organizes each and every aspect of an event (often multiple projects & activities within one ecosphere).
  • A project manager is in more of a position of monitoring and giving direction, while an event manager is in charge of the implementation of all aspects of their event.

These differences actually make project management and event management quite different beasts, and they each need a different type of software to really see a positive effect in productivity. Project management software does not have the same adaptability and tends to work in a more linear fashion, functioning almost as a digital to-do list, linking out to each of the tools you need to complete the job at hand. Event management software, on the other hand, has been designed to function so that every aspect of an event can be managed in a single place, including your to-do lists. You can:

  • Generate reports including sales, payments and open tasks
  • View & communicate with customers & vendors (emails and SMS)
  • Manage inventory
  • Review the all-important business calendar
  • Set staffing schedules
  • Send proposals & contracts
  • Integrate with common software such as Quickbooks, Zapier, Google, Apple & Outlook

When running a business, it's important that the tools you use don't limit your growth. When you choose an event management product, you are making a choice to power your team with the information they need to manage all aspects of an event successfully, from a single platform AND easily group that data together for streamlined business reporting and sales for simplified backend office solutions. The best event management software will also have a help feature where you can get guided help, hints, and tips on how to get the most out of your software.

At Releventful, we've created the best event management software yet, and the feedback from our customers is phenomenal. Our team is constantly updating our software based on client feedback and actual experiences. Each feature is there because it is an answer to a problem and is designed to help push your business forward. Best of all, our customers have found a place where they can accomplish everything for their event business in one place!

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