We all live by our calendars

Welcome to living well - your new favorite business calendar

iCalendar Integration

You and all of your employees will get a customized link to view up to 6 months worth of their events in Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, or any calendar that supports subscribed calendars.

Date Check Utilities

Use our date checkers to check availability for a date or who's scheduled to work.

Day, Week, Month Views

Managing things daily, weekly, or a month at a time? We have all of the views you need to manage your business.

Employee Scheduling

You can take care of scheduling your employees directly from the calendar. Learn more about scheduling

Unify Business Processes Into One Seamless System

Sales, Events, Employee Scheduling and More... It's all here

Sales appointments, date holds, scheduled phone calls or any other business related appointment can be added directly to the master calendar so you can keep track of your entire business.

10 Second Status Check

Quickly view the status of your events by giving the status codes a color of your choice.

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