The Importance Behind an Integrated Payment Processing Solution

When you started your own business, maybe no one warned you how much time would be spent being your own accountant: creating proposals for clients, drafting invoices, chasing payments. This is all before you even begin looking at your books to determine profit margins and business liquidity. From your customers' point of view, a lengthy payment process feels just as tedious. Upgrading your process to include integrated payments directly into your backend office will help consolidate your efforts at getting paid!

Event management software like Releventful can help streamline your work and bring all your payment processes into one place. By taking advantage of all of the features of the software, your business will achieve a more purposeful approach to payments. Here's how:



In processing payments, you need communications, signatures, and the actual payment to be exchanged, sometimes multiple times. Instead of piecing together the functions you need with DocuSign, QuickBooks, and regular SMS, all of these communications are now centralized in one application. This will be easier for customers and reduce the headache of tedious paperwork.


Offering clients more ways to pay means you receive their payments quickly. A credit card payment option that interacts directly with your backend streamlines the process so you aren't chasing deposits or wire transfers when you have other aspects of your business to consider. Compatible with leading platforms on the market like Stripe, PayPal, Square, Global Payments and more, we have a solution to meet your needs no matter the size of your business. For those customers who inevitably take their time with payments regardless of accessibility, you can set automatic invoice reminders to be sent directly to them. Splitting invoices is easy, and communication with all parties is still in one centralized place. Options also include multiple currencies, so you can accommodate all of your clients.


Especially with online payments, customers are becoming more and more skeptical about unknown or newer payment processors. But the larger, household names in payment are not always ideal for small businesses because of their fees. By incorporating an integrated payment processor that is already compatible with your current software, your clients will feel confident that all of their information is kept safe in one centralized application. And as a current user, learning all the features will be easier using the same interface.

Revising your payment processes can revolutionize how your business functions. Releventful's software has helped hundreds of event planners, DJs, caterers, venue owners, and other small businesses in the events industry organize their efforts and keep all of their information, communications and scheduling in one convenient place. After positive experiences with these functions, adding integrated payments is another way that Releventful grows with you and your business. So you function at your absolute best for your clients.

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