Releventful vs. Dubsado

If you're in the market for event planning software, chances are, you are currently doing your homework and researching different companies and their respective platforms.

So, we've decided to compare our event planning platform to another popular company called Dubsado and their business management platform.

Dubsado is a California-based company that offers a business management platform with some similar features to Releventful; however, there are several major differences between the two of us.


1. Releventful was made for the event industry, so it's customized to your needs.

Releventful was created specifically for those in the event industry. We got started in the event industry and saw all of the challenges event planning companies face first-hand. Tired of overpriced and hard-to-use software, we decided to take matters into our own hands and create a product that solves all of these challenges.

Dubsado is a project management platform. While it has a lot of great features to manage projects, it's not specifically geared towards the event industry.

2. Releventful was built for teams.

Being built for teams, is at the heart of the Releventful platform. A large part of working as a team (and planning a successful event) involves staff scheduling and management. Our product has built-in scheduling tools that simplify time off requests, send automatic event reminders to team members, create cost reports and even assign tasks.

Reduce double bookings, poor communication, scheduling conflicts and more with a system that was created to unify your business so you can focus on what matters most. Dubsado leaves staff management to your current process, instead of integrating it into the event process where it truly belongs in your workflow.

3. Releventful has a specialized feature designed specifically for DJs.

Releventful offers a specialized feature called DJ Song & Playlist Management, which is a song selection tool add-on unique to our CRM. This add-on:

  • Allows your customers full customization when it comes to their song choices
  • Can be connected to your clients' respective Spotify accounts
  • Allows for playlist management with our Releventful REMIX® Song Scanner
  • Integrates with Serato, iTunes, Virtual DJ, Traktor, Cratehackers
  • Has a fully integrated song selection mobile app

4. Business Communication Platform

Releventful's communication platform helps you manage ALL communication with ALL vendors AND clients in a single place. Created for event professionals, your business benefits from faster response times, integrated read receipts, contact management, unlimited emails/messages, file sharing and more. Keeping everyone in one place to boost efficiency and reduce mistakes.

Dubsado is built more to manage just your 1:1 client interactions. Making vendor management a challenge. Even small events often have multiple stakeholders that your team is coordinating with, your business deserves a platform that can manage all contacts within an event together and keep everyone on the same page.

5. Inventory Management – Your Digital Stock Room.

Did we mention that our product was built to help all aspects of event management – and that includes inventory! With no limits to the amount of inventory you can add, Releventful makes forecasting and management simple by bringing the processes you are already familiar with INTO the event you are managing so you can keep your whole team up to date regarding the event details and properly forecast your needs.

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At the end of the day, we are the most trusted event management software because we are experts in what we do! For the past 9 years, Releventful has helped companies, like yours, streamline the backend of their businesses all in one place.

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