Releventful vs. Honeybook: A Competitive Analysis

Choosing event planning software for your business is a big decision. After all, it is going to be the cornerstone of how you operate your organization for years to come. Ultimately playing a large role in the growth of your business. As you weigh the software options available, our goal with the blog series is to help make that research process easier. This month we're comparing our business management platform to another popular company called HoneyBook and their client management system.

Honeybook is a California-based company that offers a client management platform with some similar features to Releventful. Both platforms offer the convenience of online invoices and payments, scheduling, contracts & proposals, as well as a variety of automations, but there are several major differences between the two of us.


Events Vs. Projects

Events are multi-faceted and typically do not operate in a linear fashion. They have unique needs and require a platform that creates a unified experience for seamless management. In contrast, project management software like Honeybook works more in a linear fashion without a lot of flexibility to add in communication channels and vendor management. Having this flexibility to bring all involved parties together is critical for the success of events. Releventful was designed to be an all inclusive platform to manage all aspects of an event, including the ability to adjust with the needs of your business and the needs of your clients. The Honeybook platform takes a different approach by using a project manager to manage events. This makes dealing with unique circumstances very challenging and often forces event business to have to modify their business process to match the tool they are using.

Client Communication & Team Management – Simplified

Releventful has built-in functionality to manage staff assigned to the event and assign automated tasks to ensure work gets completed on time (and team members know exactly what they're responsible for during an event). Imagine creating an event timeline with assigned staff and delegated tasks done in minutes. Everyone on your team (and the client) is kept in the loop every step of the way. Plus you can manage the time off request and scheduling needs of your team from the same platform seamlessly moving from external to internal communications for each event you have booked.

Honeybook is more focused around managing the project itself. Their product does offer some aspects of project management, such as automated workflows; however, their platform is limited when it comes to working with internal staff, as well as external communications – leaving a lot of redundant work to fall back on the event planner or coordinator.

Equipment & Inventory Management – Easily Keep Track Of Your Equipment

Holding true to our promise to be an all inclusive planform for the event industry also includes the digital management of your inventory and equipment. As a favorite feature for many of our clients, it can be used to manage any inventory your team might struggle to keep up with – dj equipment, tables & chairs, cake stands, tripods, mic stands, decor, etc. With no limits to the amount of inventory you can add, Releventful makes forecasting and management simple by bringing the processes you are already familiar with INTO the event you are managing so you can keep your whole team up to date regarding the event details and properly forecast your needs. We automatically apply your inventory as you're creating your client invoice so you can forecast exactly what will be available as the event is booking and not have to scramble on the day of.

Are you a Disc Jockey extraordinaire? We have Song & Playlist Management Too.

Releventful is the ONLY CRM + mobile app song combo on the market. Our a song selection tool is a add-on unique to our CRM that includes:

  • Allows your customers full customization when it comes to their song choices
  • Can be connected to your clients' respective Spotify accounts
  • Allows for playlist management with our Releventful REMIX® Song Scanner
  • Integrates with Serato, iTunes, Virtual DJ, Traktor, Cratehackers
  • Has a fully integrated song selection mobile app

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