5 Tips for Running a Successful Event

When it comes to planning and running a successful event for your client, there are a lot of moving parts you will need to navigate. So, we've created a checklist we thought would be helpful.


1. Make sure your proposals and contracts cover EVERYTHING!

Nobody likes surprises, so in order to avoid any issues with your clients when planning their events, you will need to make sure your proposals and contracts include anything and everything you think you'll need in order to run the event successfully. And, you will also need to make sure that your client understands everything in both of these documents.

Here are some of the items you'll want to include in both your proposals and contracts:

  • A list of all services being provided
  • A list of the event's team members and their assigned tasks
  • A detailed breakdown of the costs of everything
  • A payment schedule, including any deposits as well as added fees and/or taxes
  • A termination clause just in case something happens and the event is cancelled due to an issue that is beyond your control, like a problem with the venue
  • An indemnification clause that protects you from any legal action due to negligence on behalf of your client or their attendees
  • Any cancellation terms your company has, such as a clause that you still need to get paid for your work if your client cancels the event or you end up having to back out due to unreasonable last-minute client requests

2. Make sure you have a system for invoicing in place.

Getting paid for all of your team's hard work and getting payments on time are both essential for any business. So, make sure you have a good system for invoicing your clients in place. You can even think about adding recurring options for larger event packages so your clients have the ability to pay on a weekly or monthly basis leading up to their event date.

3. Stay on top of your vendor/supplier communications.

Like we said earlier, there are so many moving pieces to planning and running a successful event. And, vendor/supplier management is one that you will need to stay on top of, so you and/or your team do not drop the ball. You'll want to come up with a concise method to keep track of all of your communication with vendors. You'll also want to consider keeping all of these communications in one place as well as setting up automatic reminders for any follow ups you or your team will need to make, which is where an event planning software can be really helpful.

4. Assign your staff to the team and get everyone organized.

Once you start planning an event on behalf of your client, you'll need to assign anyone you want to your team as well as get everyone organized. You might even want to check your staff's schedules ASAP to make sure the staff members you need to help you with this event are available.

5. Make sure everyone on your team knows their jobs.

When it comes to planning and running an event, it's so important that everyone on your team is on the same page. Everyone needs to know what their assigned tasks are as well as who is taking on other tasks of planning the event. This is where a great event management software, like Releventful, can be super helpful because it automatically assigns tasks for each member of your team and allows employees to view other team members' tasks and schedules. It is also a good idea to appoint one member of your team to act as a task manager to make sure all deadlines are met.

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