Song Management System

Import Utility

Upload your .xls or .xlsx song spreadsheet to get up and running quickly.

iTunes Integration

Simply add your songs and then the album artwork and a song preview will be loaded automatically as you or your client browse the songs.

Generate Branded Event Song Lists

Print out a PDF of your event song list with your business logo.

Event Song Selection

iTunes Integration

With iTunes song integration, having your client choose songs has never been more fun. Clients can drag their song selections to reorder them and click the play button to listen.

Day-of Event Song List Creation

Create your day-of event song list by quickly choosing from your clients' selections and by adding your own.

Add notes to each song to help remember important details.

Client Song Selections and Suggestions

Create custom categories for your clients to move their songs into, like a "Must Play" and "Do Not Play" list. Create as may categories as you need. If you don't have the song they want, your client can easily suggest a song and we'll send you the iTunes song info automatically!

Releventful Top Hits List

Your clients can not only choose from your songs, but also from the Top Hits lists that Releventful provides. Your clients can choose from our Top 200, Top 50's, Top 60's, Top 70's, Top 80's, Top 90's, Top 2000's, Top 2010's, Ceremony, Wedding Party, Introductions, Bouquet Toss, Bride and Groom, Bride and Father, Groom and Mother, Cake Cutting, Garter Toss, and Last Dance lists.