Add REMIX® or The DJs Vault to enhance any of our plans

Releventful REMIX® Song Scan

REMIX® Song Scan will automatically match your client song selections to the library on your laptop or desktop computer. Our unique matching system allows you to choose a different match if you have a different song in mind. We'll remember that match so you don't have to do it again.

REMIX® Playlist Generation

After we match your songs, REMIX® generates a M3U playlist for your song management tool, like iTunes, Serato or your app of choice.

Everyone in your business can run the REMIX song scanner to scan their own song library and download playlists for their songs on their own laptop or computer.

Creating your playlists by hand is a thing of the past - use Releventful REMIX®!

DJs Vault Song List

Are you a DJs Vault Subscriber? Enter the Vault discount code to save & get exclusive discounts and access to The DJs Vault song list for your client song selections - over 20,000 songs!

Full Song Selection and Management Suite

Print Branded Song Playlists

Download your branded playlist and take it with you to your client meetings or event to have it handy.

Comprehensive and Up-to-date Song Lists

Combined with The Vault song list and the Releventful Top Hits List provide a full song selection suite for your business.

Have your own master song list for your business? Upload it with Releventful's import utility.

Client Song Selections and Suggestions

Create custom categories with song selection limits for your clients to move their songs into.

If you don't have the song they want, your client can easily suggest a song and we'll add it to your Master Song list automatically so your next client can have it available to choose from.

YouTube, Spotify, and Weblink Support

If your client has a YouTube video, Spotify list, or a weblink, they can easily share that with you to use.

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