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What Makes Us Different?

Business Workflow

We have invented a business workflow to increase your revenue, save you time and money. For us, it's not just about creating a bunch of really neat tools, but about reinventing the way events are done. Learn more

Customer Relationship Management System

Don't be limited by the system your business runs on. Our sales CRM sets your business up for growth. Learn more

Business Communication Platform

We've studied the ways things can go wrong and created our business communication platform to put businesses in control of their communication. Learn More

Client Experience

A positive client experience can increase positive reviews and send new clients your way. That is why we created the Event Portal. Learn More

Navigating lots of disjointed tools can be like trying to climb a mountain. Our business workflow and unified tooling is our solution.


Website inquiry converted to lead


Sales activity and marketing automation kicked off in Releventful


Proposal sent / E–Signature received


Final invoice created / automated payment reminders sent


Contacts and vendors added to event


Automated event timeline created with email reminders


Timeline form and song-selection request sent


Employees scheduled


Create master event song list from client and custom selections


Inventory packing list printed


Five star rating received from customer and more business headed your way

Full Business Suite

Everything you need to make your business successful.

Website Inquiries

Receive client inquiries directly from your website in Releventful. (Don't worry we'll help you set this up too) Learn More

Email Templates

Find yourself answering the same questions? Reply faster with email templates. Learn More


Upsell your products, automatically follow-up and send event timeline and payment reminders.

Automatically send emails and enable your client to fill out forms and choose songs for their event (they'll be using their event portal of course) Learn More

Event Portal

Give your client an experience. The event portal is your client's one-stop interaction with their event. Pay, E-Sign, send emails, choose songs, fill out forms, and more.

BTW, you can even add other vendors to your event and they'll have an event portal too. Learn More

Payments & E-Signatures

Receive payments straight into your PayPal account. Payment receipts are automatically logged in Releventful and marked as paid.

Our secure E-Signatures give you peace of mind and help you close deals faster. Learn More

Song List Manager w/iTunes Integration

Upload your master song list spreadsheet and add your own songs, so you and your client can browse, listen, and even view the album art directly from iTunes. Learn More

Inventory Management

Check your inventory and packing list for an event. Make sure your events go off without a hitch. Learn More

Employee Scheduling

Easily manage your employees and schedule them for events. Quickly view the employee availability report to see who's confirmed the schedule or who's requested time off. Learn More

Full Sales Customer Relationship Manager

Grow your business faster and make better decisions. Knowing what to focus on and which lead needs follow-up can give your business the boost that it needs.

The sales graphs, pie charts, and funnel reports show you where your business is coming from and help you keep the pulse of your sales team and keep your sales goals. Learn More

Proposal Creation

Quickly create clean & professional proposals to generate sales faster. Learn More

Invoice Creation & Templating

Creating contracts can be time-consuming. Save time and quickly generate contracts with ease. Our side-by-side drag and drop editor makes contract creation a breeze. Learn More


We've created multiple levels of reports to enable you to make effective daily decisions. Inventory, event status, event cost, sales pipeline reports, tax reports and more. Download a CSV file into your favorite spreadsheet program to customize the report how you need to see it. Learn More

Event Calendar

Create appointments, check events and employee availability, and easily see the status of your event by color with our configurable event status colors. Learn More

Event Dashboard

What do I have coming up in the next 30 days? What's the status of this months sales? Do I have any event activity I need to attend to? The event dashboard gives you a quick pulse of your business so you can manage your time efficiently and effectively to get immediate answers to these important questions. Learn More

Business Communication Platform

Our unique communication platform empowers business owners to more effectively manage business communication with powerful insight into all communication for their business. Messaging and how things are communicated can make or break your business. Learn More

Employee Roles

We understand that not everyone needs access to everything. You can grant employees any of the 5 system roles to give them access to the area they'll be working in.

Import Your Data

Already using a system for your business? We have 6 different utilities to import your existing Client, Vendor, Equipment, Venues, Song, and Event data into Releventful. Just put your data into an Excel (.XLS or .XLSX) file format with the appropriate column names and you'll be up and running in no time!

Information Security

We encrypt your data and employ the latest security best practices to keep your data safe.

A little about us

Releventful is based in the up-and-coming city of Raleigh, North Carolina. The Raleigh/Durham area is not only a great place to live, but it is home to a growing food scene and fantastic universities.

Who We Are

It all started about 5 years ago with a family business seeking to solve overpriced business software that was too hard to use.
We've been passionately pursuing new and inventive ways to do things ever since.

What We Do

Our mission is to transform the way event professionals do business. We do this by partnering with other event businesses to build the software they need.

Why us?

Have you ever found yourself frustrated at software that doesn't quite do what you want? We pride ourselves in listening to our customers and ensuring they have the tools to be successful.
We like to think outside of the box, be creative, and be easy to use. If you think we're missing something, contact us and let's talk.

Let's Get Started

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