Get Paid Quicker with PayPal

Using PayPal for your business payments makes it simpler and easier for your client to pay.

Add a payment to your event or invoice, choose that you want a PayPal payment and select who's paying - done.

What about reminding the client of their payment? Simply choose that you want to send automated reminders and it will be done!

Fast and Easy Setup

Integrate your PayPal business account and Releventful with ease. Simply enter your business email address and preferred currency and you're all setup!

Use Releventful's E-Signatures for Peace of Mind

Our enhanced security measures and ESIGN and UETA compliance can give you peace of mind when it comes to your client signing in Releventful.

Add legal custom legal text from your business to the E-Signature form.

Our E-Signing is supported on a phone, tablet. Simply sign with a finger, stylus, or pointer.

Improve the client experience with PayPal

Send automated payment reminders

Add a business signer as well as your client. E-Signatures are automatically recorded and added to the contract. No need to scan signed documents, we handle it all for you.