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Releventful helps manage your event business all in one place. Schedule your teams, manage your leads, track your inventory and combine features like Invoicing, Contracts, To-Do assignments, and Website Lead Forms to fully automate your client experience.

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Built for Teams

Manage and collaborate with your event team and grant access based on the position your employees have.

Are you a soloprenuer? Releventful will position you to handle your business growth in the days to come.

  • Task Assignment
    Automatically assign tasks for your employees to complete to ensure everything gets done
  • Roles & Access Levels
    Grant up-to 7 different levels of access for each employee
  • Collaboration Support
    Employee collaboration support to allow employees to view other employees schedule
  • One Unified Business Platform
    Releventful enables you to schedule emails to your team, schedule your employees, and coordinate your event tasks all in one place
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Simplify Your Client Experience

Is your business suffering from the TMT (too many tools) syndrome? Your client suffers the most when you have too many tools for them to interact with as they do business with you. Releventful provides your client with one unified portal that is branded for your business.

Releventful has streamlined our processes tremendously. All bridal coordinators, vendors, caterers, even sales people — everyone is in one place and that's really made things efficient with less mistakes on our end.

Gain Control
Over Your Sales

Demystify lead generation and converting leads into clients by better managing your sales pipeline.

  • Manage your full sales lifecycle
  • Custom embeddable forms for your website or to email directly
  • Sales pipeline manager to quickly get a pulse on your sales
  • Accelerate your sales with over a half-dozen reports
  • Automatically kick off sales email campaigns with our email campaign manager
  • Free templates included with all plans!
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Simple & Effective Booking

Simpler booking means higher lead conversions. Releventful has a tried and true booking process that will help increase your sales and reduce the time it takes for you to get paid.

  • Create a shopping-cart like experience for your customers to choose what they would like
  • Have your client review your offering, sign the contract and pay in one seamless process.
  • Custom design professional invoices
  • Create more pop to your invoices by adding a photo gallery for your customers to visualize what you're selling
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Releventful has been an invaluable tool for OnPoint Entertainment. Having a one-stop shop for customer inquiries, booking, tracking, communication and planning has helped close more leads. The web interface is very user friendly for both us and the clients we work with. Lastly, the tool continues to get better as the Releventful team takes feedback and suggestions and incorporates them into the tool. I highly recommend it.

Event Communication. Solved.

Our innovative approach to communication is what sets us apart and will make all the difference for your success. Whether you need to communicate with just your client or have dozens of involved parties and vendors - Releventful ensures that nothing falls through the cracks and every detail is accounted for.

  • Improve your ability to respond quicker to your client and reduce communication errors along the way
  • Read receipts to ensure that the recipients have received and read your message
  • Send messages to everyone on your event or hand select recipients
  • & much more!
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Switching to Releventful is by far one of the greatest decisions we've ever made. It's allowed us to communicate with our clients and potential clients so much easier. We love how the sales CRM is separate from the event CRM. We don't have to create 'fake' events like we've had to do in the past with other CRMs.

Gain Insight
Into Your Business

Report on exactly the data you need, when you need it. Gain new insights into your business with our reports or create reports based on your specific needs.

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One Unified
Business Platform

Releventful has created a unique blend of business tools which means fewer apps to keep track of and fewer errors due to inconsistent data entry.

Track & Manage Your Inventory

Tracking your inventory availability has never been easier. Inventory is automatically checked while you're working on the invoice to your customer. If you're out of something, we'll show you what you should use instead.

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Schedule Your Employees with Confidence

Releventful makes it easier for you to prep for your events with automatic scheduling reminders, time off request management, scheduling conflict indicators and integrated reports.

  • Built-in employee scheduling tools
  • Time-off request management w/approvals
  • Automated email change reminders so your staff always stay in the loop
  • Estimated event employee cost reports based on their pay rates
  • Printable employee scheduling reports
  • Scheduling conflict indicators
  • Employee task assignments w/automatic reminders
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Simplify Your Day-to-Day with Automation

Releventful takes the mundane and repetitive tasks off of your plate - making your business run more smoothly and consistently.

  • Create in-house tasks/reminders for your team to keep everyone on the event organized
  • Use sales automations to create email campaigns to make sure you capture every potential lead and book every event.
  • Create surveys, forms, lists, and questionnaires to be sent out along the planning process
  • Schedule when you'd like to send your client emails as a part of the day-to-day planning of their event
  • & much more!
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Releventful has allowed us to automate many of our processes and add more value to our clients when they're planning their event. They have been extremely supportive and we are so grateful for a product that is flexible and able to support our needs.

All Your Brands,
One Platform

Releventful consolidates all of your brands into one easy-to-use platform making it easier than ever to manage and report on all of your brands.

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