The Client Experience

One stop interaction with their event.


Make your client feel like they are your only customer. Choose from 8 different themed templates to give your client an event experience that best suits them.

You can also add your own business theme to customize the event portal experience to make it match your business branding.


Let your client be a part. Figuring out all of the vendors and getting feedback from involved parties can be challenging. Your client can suggest other vendors and individuals to be added to the event. Event collaboration has never been easier.

Event Messages

Very much like your email client, but so much better. Owners, permissioned management, and assigned employees can ensure your client is taken care of and gets the right response at the right time. Learn More


Attach documents to your messages or add them directly to the event. All the information you need in one place.

Payments & E-Signatures

View payments, invoices, and sign. Save money without having to pay for other E-Signature and payment services. One place, everything you need. Learn More


Fill out forms, select songs, or just see what's coming next. The event timeline is where it's at.

Need to reorder the timeline? Just drag & drop - it's as simple as that.

Download a branded PDF version of the timeline with your business logo just in case you're on the go or need a hard-copy to hand out.

No login required

Let's think about the client experience in a new way.


Messing with passwords
is annoying

We reinvented our event portal to create a unique link for your client. End result? No login required!


Clients aren't the only ones on the event

Events can sometimes require collaboration beyond your client. Releventful has taken this to heart. Not only does your client get an event portal, so do other busineses you add to the event as well.



Only those who are added to email messages, documents, and timelines will see them. This keeps you in the drivers' seat, ensuring the best experience for all involved.


Business to Business Reimagined

If you invite a business to an event that already has a Releventful account, that business can choose to link with your business. This allows them to share event contacts and collaborate using their business Releventful account.

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