Check Your Business Pulse

30-Day Check

Know the next 30-days of your business

Our dashboard offers the ability to view events by their status color and choose from one of our short-cut menu options - which include viewing the invoices, managing employees, responding to messages, or editing event details.

Latest Communication

Quicker Response Times

Not only are you emailed a copy of every message that is entered into the events, but you can see the last messages right on the dashboard to save time. Better response times mean a better customer experience which means more success for your business.

Cutomizable Sales Reports

Sales Pulse at a Glance

Want to keep better track of your sales? Choose from one of our sales reports to load into your dashboard.

Proposals and Invoices are pulled from templates that you create, but once they're in the invoice, there are no limits to the changes you can make. What about the templates? They're still there, just as you left them, ready for the next time you need them.

Integrated Searching

Find Events Fast

If the event you're looking for isn't happening in the next 30-days you can always search the calendar or type the event name or details into the global search box to find it fast.

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