Type once & reuse

Ever find yourself typing the same response over and over? Or do you have a document with all of your saved responses? Store them in Releventful and don't worry about where the response was put the last time you used it.

Seamless Integration

Templates can be used across Releventful. From your proposal to E-Signature text or event timeline reminders to responding to an event inquiry; save time and simplify your business communication with the power of Releventful's templates.

Event Token Substitutions

Choose from one of our 19 event substitution tokens - finally, something that's simple.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could automatically put in the lead's name, event date/time or remaining balance into your emails instead of manually typing out that information? Our templates allow you to use substitution tokens that will automatically be replaced with your event information when used.

Add Images
for eye-catching emails

Business communication

Full text-editor
for professional formatting

Automatically substitute event information
with tokens

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