Communication - The Foundation of a Successful Business

This vital part of business is often overlooked, well, not by us - it was so important we invested years of research to get it right!

Business Insight Technology

Our business insight technology is what allows business owners and permissioned managers to have insight into every conversation across their entire business. This can be the difference between success or failure for many companies. Imagine if you could view all email communication that all of your employees have across all of your events? With Releventful, we've made this possible.

Unlimited Emails

We don't want to restrict your business from moving forward, so we do not limit the number of emails you send.

Make Your Client Feel Important

Our business communication platform will improve your ability to respond quicker to your client and reduce communication errors along the way. This results in happy customers that will tell their friends and give you good ratings. A win-win.

Future Proof Your Business

Losing employees is always hard, but what's your transition plan when they do? With Releventful, you don't need a plan. Just add a new employee to an existing event and they automatically have access to all communication that's gone on since day one.

Enhanced Email Messaging

When event messages are emailed out from Releventful, they are branded with your business name and who's sending it. The emails have a link to respond back to that message which will take the recipient straight back to Releventful to respond.

What about replying directly to an email? We have that covered too, direct replies to an email will also be put straight back into the event.

Business Centric Emails

In Releventful, we call emails messages. So when an event message is started with your business, it is with your business, not to an individual.

Why would we do this? This solves so many common problems over just using common email. This avoids mixed communication between your client, employees, and management. Business communication means that all of the assigned employees, permissioned management, and business owner can view the event messages taking place. This puts you in the drivers seat to respond to your client and ensure that issues are properly handled by the right people and in a timely manner.

What's the overall result? Our customers using Releventful have reported this is the single most valuable tool they have. It has allowed them to take control of the customer experience like never before.

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