Event Management: Staying on Budget with Accurate Staff-Forecasting

When it comes to putting on a successful event, the occasion itself is just the tip of the iceberg compared to the amount of planning that leads up to it. As your planning develops, it's important to keep track of the usual expenses you encounter during the process, and also the expenses you know are on the horizon. Staff-Forecasting, figuring out who you will need to staff your event, is essential to keeping within your budget, down to the last penny.


Our users rave about how we've managed to simplify team management and employee scheduling on our platform, keeping all of your important information and communication in one place. But the real differentiator is how we've taken this segment of the tool a step further by adding in forecasting elements that you can tie to each event. For example, say you are in the early stages of planning an event, and you have a list of the staff you will need: crew members, assistants, contractors, etc. In our software, you can set a rate for each role against the number of hours you would need them for the event. With practice, you will be able to anticipate the perfect number of staff for each size of event so that you aren't wasting money on too many people or leaving yourself short-handed with too few.

Once you have your roster set, Releventful also stores your contacts and communications, so you can reach out to your team to keep them up-to-date. You can:

  • Manage schedules & staff events: Let them know when and where you need them.
  • Assign event details & tasks to employees: Let them know their responsibilities.
  • Track time: For reporting and payroll purposes.

No matter how many staff, vendors, or contacts you have, Releventful's plan is unlimited, so you can add as many as you can handle!

Our users have found our event management software invaluable in keeping track of their business, their budget, and their people. When being in the event industry feels like you are being pulled in a million directions, Releventful is one place where you can keep it all straight!

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