Sales Customer Relationship Management for Businesses of All Sizes

Whether you're a start-up or you have a large business, our Sales CRM solution will grow with you.

Ensure Business Success

The relationship you have with your customer is important. From closing the deal today to developing future business with your client, our Sales Lead Pipelines ensure your businesses' future success.

Know Your Business

Know where your business is coming from, how to reach your sales goals, and which leads you need to follow up with next.

Automate Sales Processes

Utilize automations to follow-up with a lead or upsell your products. Work smarter, not harder.

Get Paid Quicker

Create proposals, receive payment and E-Signatures all with one seamless solution. Close deals faster and get paid quicker with Releventful.

The perfect solution to modernize your business

We've taken tried and true sales methodologies and optimized them for event businesses. Take control of your sales and know where to invest so you can grow.

Proven & Tested

Having a solid sales process is critical to business success. View daily leads at a glance and drag and drop pipelines through the stages. Know the top sales performers and which sales personnel need a push to meet business goals.

Tools for success

Web Form Integrations

Integrate your website's webform to submit leads directly into Releventful for tracking through our powerful CRM.

Event Integration

Convert your booked lead into a client and create their event with the click of a button.

Lead Documents

We've added a spot for you to keep documents for a lead so you can reference them whenever you need to.

Calendar Appointments

Book phone conversations, reserve a date, or schedule meetings for each of your leads.

Record Sales Activity

Record emails, texts, phone converstions, or create a reminder to yourself of those important To-Do list items for your leads.

Proposal Creation

Save time and create branded custom proposals in minutes.