Software for the Modern DJ

We've spoken with so many DJs who are frustrated with the software they use or are looking for something that doesn't look like Windows 95. Let's face it, most DJ CRMs out there have lost their passion & drive to meet the needs of a modern DJ business.

Look no further - we are the solution to drive your business forward.


Book Events Faster

Build custom & professional invoices that meet the demands of your business. Create a shopping-cart like experience where your customers can choose what they would like. Even give them the option to choose more than one of your add-ons or simply send them their invoice.

Whatever your needs, let your client review your offering, sign the contract and pay in one seamless process.

What helps sell better than more images? Add a photo gallery directly to your invoice to add more visual interest.


Get Paid Quicker

Our customers get paid on average 70% faster! We've partnered with the industry's leading payment processing companies to ensure compliance with the latest regulation and security requirements.

DJ Song Selection & Playlist Management Add-On

Add premium song selection to any event. Have your client add their Spotify playlist or use our House Mix of 100,000 songs or use your own. Top Hits? Use ours or build your own. We have the latest hits and 15 other categories you can offer to your clients to choose from.

With our playlist management, we have the Releventful REMIX Song Scanner that scans your music library and matches your client song selections with your library. Build and download your event playlists in Releventful.

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Client Portal

Our portal is a one-stop-shop for your client. Invoices, payments, contracts, event timelines, planning forms, documents, & even your emails in one branded portal.

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Gain Control over Your Sales Funnel

Don't let your leads fall through the cracks. With Releventful's Sales Customer Relationship Management, you can manage your full sales lifecycle with custom embeddable lead web forms for your website, a sales pipeline manager to manage your active leads and a campaign manager to kick off email campaigns.

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Integrate with Tools You Love

We've integrated with other tools like Zapier, Quickbooks, Spotify and Google & Apple Calendar that connect you with the tools you need to run your business.

Releventful's Virtual Assistant

Getting started with a new application is often challenging. Wouldn't it be nice if you could have someone show you how to use everything - for free? We thought so too! Our virtual assistant is there with you every step of the way - even showing you where to click next and how best to get everything set up.

Yes, you even have access to our virtual assistant in our free 30-day trial. Can't. Get. Any. Better.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Releventful is made for ANY business in the event industry.
Absolutely, yes. We have a large community of start-ups. Using Releventful has helped them to get their business organized and positioned them to grow.
Absolutely, yes. Many of our customers with large businesses love how they can establish roles and teams in Releventful to match the tasks that they perform in the business and in the events.
Yes, we do. We provide white-glove migration services where we will migrate your data over for you. Start a conversation with us today to see if you qualify for free migration services.